Maritime Services

Maritime technology

The Rickmers Group sees itself as a pioneer in especially progressive and innovative maritime technologies.

To ensure that newbuilds always meet the highest standards in safety and energy efficiency and to increase the competitiveness of older ships through retrofitting and conversions, Rickmers employs its own teams of experts in the Maritime Technology business area. These specialists constantly check the technical possibilities to make ship construction even more energy-efficient, to lower emissions and to revalue older ships through retrofits such as the optimisation of hulls, propellers and electrical installations. The broad service spectrum offers numerous approaches to achieve this goal.

The Rickmers Group’s objective is to proactively support owners and charterers in keeping overall ship operating costs at a competitive level and CO2 emissions as low as possible, while complying with high technical and safety standards. Bunker consumption is continuously monitored and analysed for this purpose. Thanks to this progressive technology, ships chartered to Maersk by the Rickmers Group are regularly among the best in Maersk’s monthly energy-efficiency ranking.


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