Maritime Assets


The service portfolio of asset management embraces every aspect of shipping – from financing, selection of proper vessel type and design to realisation, optimisation and chartering through to the final sale or scrapping of the vessel.

Thanks to deep knowledge of the market the Rickmers Group has positioned itself as a preferred partner and consultant for investors, shipowners and ocean-freight operators. The Group has given itself a modern corporate governance structure and ensures transparency through financial reporting to international standards (IFRS), which, combined with well-founded financial expertise, makes the company an attractive partner for private equity houses and other investors.

In its segment Maritime Assets the Group offers a wide variety of services. When it comes to purchasing ships, the Rickmers Group analyses the critical factors for its customers. Due to the high volumes involved, investors often implement ship projects jointly. They value the sector-specific technical knowledge, experience and advice that the Rickmers Group delivers.

The Rickmers Group also advises its customers in the selection of suitable shipyards, checks shipyard listings for newbuilds, monitors the construction process, supports the final approval process, recommends suppliers and manages the sale of ships.

A further core competence is the commercial management of Rickmers’ own as well as third-party ships. Harper Petersen is one of the largest container shipbrokers in the world, in which the Rickmers Group holds a 50 percent share, further supplementing the sound market knowledge and financial skills of the Group. The main contribution to the Group’s overall revenues comes from charter income generated by our own ships and from shipbroker commissions.