With its unique line services, Rickmers-Linie connects the important economic centers around the globe. The core of the route network is the eastbound Round-the-World Pearl String Service.

As one of the few shipping companies in the heavy lift and multi-purpose sectors, the Rickmers-Linie operates regular services for project cargoes and heavy lift, and is a pioneer in this segment. The majority of companies in this shipping sector work as “tramp operators” for on-demand traffic. In this approach, customers usually combine cargo loads in port in order to generate sufficient load volumes and thus make it economical to run the ship. 

For the destination ports at which the Rickmers-Linie regularly calls, this is not necessary. Instead, customers can make use of regular departures that are indicated months ahead in the timetable. A number of customers use the regular departures as part of their supply chains for projects, or secure cargo space for particular departures or over a longer period through contracts.

For more information on services offered please visit www.rickmers-linie.com.