Working at Rickmers

Career opportunities at sea

Rickmers employs crew members on a worldwide basis and sometimes also qualifies its own seafarers.

Our crewing policy is based on allowing our employees at sea to enjoy a full ocean-going career from cadet up to captain. We seek to promote long-term cooperation with loyal, motivated and well-trained seafarers who feel at home within the team spirit of the Rickmers Group. We aim to promote leadership that is free of any discrimination and favours merit-based promotion. We understand this to include a culture of mutual acceptance of seafarers of different nationalities on board the vessels.

The Rickmers is an attractive employer for mariners. We offer long-term contracts of employment, a competitive salary, good training and other incentives. High safety standards are a matter of course.

Our crewing policy 

  • Rickmers is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its seafarers and promotes a culture of acceptance among different nationalities on board.
  • In order to generate trust between employers and employees we pay competitive wages, offer long-term contracts of employment and training as well as other incentive schemes. 
  • Rickmers is committed to the development of high safety standards and quality as well as a strong corporate identity. 
  • We regard all ranks and positions as essential for the operation of its vessels. We are particularly committed to supporting masters, officers, petty officers and ratings by providing appropriate training and delegating responsibility.
  • The success and welfare of the Rickmers Group depend on the outstanding performance of each employee, therefore we expect loyalty and dedication from everyone. 

Training at sea 

All career paths, up to the most senior onboard positions, are open to all nationalities of seafarers. Capability, qualification, loyalty, character and performance are the basis for promotions in rank. Rickmers has intensified the cooperation with training and education facilities worldwide in order to assist the seafarer throughout the recruiting, education and career development process. 

Our career development schemes are systematically structured, allowing seafarers to identify their career options. Currently we are offering the following programs: 

  • Cadet programs: We have started several cadet programs to attract young people to service.
  • Simulator courses: We offer various courses for deck and engine officers such as crisis management and bridge team management courses locally.
  • Other programs/ courses: We believe in the importance of good leadership and have therefore developed a special training course for soft skill development. Additionally we perform annual in-house seminars for all seafarers in Asia and Europe. Topics are determined as applicable.
  • As not only the training and education of officers and engineers is essential, we have established courses such as crane operator courses for ratings joining the heavy lift vessels and painting courses for all ratings.

For local assistance in all training matters we have a designated person in each manning agency who is frequently investigating the most beneficial local programs as well as permanently monitoring all programs through our Training & Career Manager.

Crewing agencies 

Rickmers is currently operating Rickmers Marine Agencies in the Philippines and Romania and Rickmers Shipping (Shanghai) in China as entry points for seafarers to become part of the Rickmers family. 

Currently there is only limited need for recruiting new seafarers. However, if you need further information, please contact one of our agencies below:

Rickmers Marine Agency Philippines, Inc.
8th floor, Unit 3, Aseana 1 Building
Bradco Ave., Aseana City
1701 Paranaque City / Metro Manila
Phone +63 2 519 7561
Fax +63 2 553 9365

Rickmers Marine Agency Romania SRL
158 Mamaia Avenue
2nd Floor, Room No.1
900575 Constanta, Romania
Phone +40 241 545 514
Fax +40 241 545 516

Rickmers Shipping (Shanghai) Co. Ltd,
Part B, 20 /Flr, Yangpu Building, No.5 Anshan Road,
Yangpu District,
Shanghai, P.R.China.
Phone +86 21 6579 1251 or 6579 1252