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Capt. Ralf Trützschler

Capt. Ralf Trützschler

Senior staff surveyor & head of Marine Consulting at Expert Shipping Service

At Expert Shipping we provide services in the fields of insurance and claims handling, marine consulting and wind offshore. I am responsible for the latter two. My team's job is to support insurers, for example by performing surveys after incidents, investigating causes of damage, carrying out certification of repair costs and so on. Additionally - and increasingly - we offer our consulting services in the growing wind offshore business. Here, as marine warranty surveyors, we provide independent third-party reviews and approval of the planning, design and execution of high-risk marine operations in the wind offshore sector on behalf of insurers and wind offshore builders.

Since I am a master mariner and also worked for an insurer besides other shipping-related work in my previous career, I know both sides of the business very well. I think this is a huge advantage in helping me do my job successfully. Even if there are things I need help with, I have the pleasure to be working with colleagues who willingly offer their support and treat each other respectfully. In my opinion, this is the advantage of being a small team. Additionally, we have the Rickmers Group behind us, which enables us to be a force in the marketplace and provide additional shipping services from one source when required.

I spend about half of my time out of the office on site. This can be quite exciting when you have to take a helicopter to get out to sea for an emergency at a wind offshore park or be lifted from a towboat onto a jack-up barge. So, even though I have been working in this sector for so long, I still experience new things - especially in the wind offshore business, a newly resurgent sector in Germany.