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Heino Schubert

Heino Schubert

Vice president Charter Control / Sales & Purchase at Rickmers Reederei

When I started working at Rickmers Reederei more than 15 years ago, there was no such department as Charter Control. There had been no need for it before, since there was only a fraction of today's ships and employees working here. So when I joined the company, my job was to concentrate these ever-increasing duties and build up a department. Today I am happy to have a team of five to support me.

At Charter Control we are the financial link between the charterers of our ships and the Rickmers Group companies throughout the charter process - from delivery and over off-hire times to the return of the ship. There are contracts between all parties which govern the responsibilities and payments between them: for example, the payment of charter rates, the allocation of bunker costs, port dues and so on. Our job is to check and approve all calculations of the charterers charging us for various services at owner's expense, monitor on-time payment, and charge our expenses to the charterers where needed. Additionally, there are various other tasks we perform, which partly require a lot of individual handling and assessment. So it is about finding the right compromise between all parties and allocating the costs appropriately.

To fulfil individual requirements at work you need to act flexibly. Of course there are rules and limits, but I enjoy the fact that there is a certain degree of autonomy given to me and that I can pass on to my team. Shorter charter periods especially require more attention, but they also bring variety and fun. There might be a great deal of complexity sometimes, but that is also what makes things exciting. It is very important - and this is something I always do and say - to be active and stay in touch with everyone in order to understand the interdependencies of all departments. In particular, the bigger a company is, the more multifaceted its structures become. A job is not only a list of things to do. It is also about how to get there.