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Dmitry Boychuk

Dmitry Boychuk

From chief engineer to technical superintendent

I joined Rickmers in 2011 as chief engineer on the 13,600TEU vessels. Two years later the company offered me the opportunity to change positions and I became on board trainer and later technical superintendent/onboard trainer. Since then I have switched again. Now I am working as technical superintendent in the office of Rickmers Shipmanagement Singapore.

I feel that with Rickmers I am in a friendly, nice environment. Working as chief engineer on the 13,600TEU vessels has been quite a smooth time for me. I have been lucky: Not every engineer gets to work on such big new ships. Now, the opportunity to bring the technical knowledge from the ships ashore and use it as material for the trainings is great. It makes me feel both successful and satisfied, I do enjoy my job. 

I think it is special to work for an employer who trusts you, like Rickmers trusts me. They also promote team spirit, are open for new ideas and developments and they are interested to hear your personal opinion. I feel appreciated and valued at Rickmers, and I think that’s a very special work environment.

In the future, I would like to see myself promoted, to perhaps a senior position as superintendent, and I would always welcome new learning opportunities.  I believe that Rickmers is a company that will allow me to reach my goals.