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Sherwin Supnet

Sherwin Supnet

Senior bosun

I hope to stay at Rickmers my entire career. My dream has come true here: I have always wanted to bring my wife abroad and onboard a ship. That dream came true during my second contract with the MAERSK EDMONTON (LEO RICKMERS) when Rickmers approved it. It was a great honor to bring my wife on a beautiful huge vessel such as MAERSK EDMONTON, and I am very grateful to Rickmers. It would not have happened anywhere else.

I was already a bosun when I joined Rickmers in 2003 on the MARINE RICKMERS, a 1,100TEU vessel. Later I got promoted to senior bosun. I love the monthly safety meetings, when I get to participate in discussing about the safety of the ship, welfare of the crew and other important matters.

The biggest challenge for me was working on one of Rickmers’ big ships, the PEARL RICKMERS at the first delivery from the ship yard, a 13,600TEU vessel three times as long as a soccer field. It was the first time for everything: The first pilot boarding, first anchor dropping, first port, first passing in pirate infested area. Everything was a challenge, not only for me but for all of my colleagues on that ship.

I was thus very proud when I got included again in the first batch of crew in a newly built ship. It was another one of the biggest ships of Rickmers in Hyundai Heavy Industries ship yard, the LEO RICKMERS, also with a capacity of 13,600TEU.