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Procurement is the lifeline of the Maritime Services segment and plays a very important role in ensuring smooth operations of our ships globally.

Procurement at the Group's Maritime Services segment has evolved over the period of years, making a seamless jump from operational procurement to strategic procurement. Our team comprises of individuals with a combined procurement and supply chain experience of more than 150 years. They have a thorough knowledge of the procurement of goods and services and can adapt quickly to the changing nature of the trade.

Our procurement policies are aligned so as to meet our customers' expectations and assure our ships of the optimum support at all times. With efficient contract management activities, competent procurement controlling, best in class software solutions and strategic industry partners we have scaled many challenging scenarios with ease.

Being a global company with a healthy fleet size, we are able to achieve economies of scale with our suppliers and service providers. We leverage this benefit entirely to our customer's advantage.

We have a well-defined vendor evaluation system and we carry out frequent vendor audits to ensure a good control on quality, price and other key parameters. We believe in having fewer but quality vendors and always seek for a strategic win-win approach with each one of them. 

We follow a "Total Cost of Ownership" Approach while evaluating bids and do not look at short term gain and benefits. We carry out a spend analysis on all the components of the supply chain and this helps in keeping the overall operating expenses at the optimum level.

In conjunction with our energy efficiency team we also focus on green and sustainable procurement with an overall objective of reducing the carbon footprint.

For our terms and conditions of Purchase please visit our Supplier Guidelines page.


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